How to identify a purebred Alaska dog

– Muzzle and 4 legs are always white.

– Purebred Alaska eyes are brown or dark brown.

– The intersection of forehead and muzzle is slightly broken.

– Alaska dog ears are of moderate size, but always small compared to the head. The ears are in the shape of an isosceles triangle located far apart, at the slightly rounded tip of the ears, usually slightly forward.

– The nose and muzzle of Alaska dog is strong and well balanced with the head, the muzzle is not long, tapering towards the nose but not pointed. The lip edges are all covered, covering the wide jaws and large teeth.

– Alaskan dog tail is very thick and hairy. Always curled up on the back. Contrary to the Husky’s dog often tail-tail, only when walking does the tail stand.

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