Moving house package HCMC

Transportation Royal focuses on developing dich vu chuyen nha package delivered to customers since the early days the company was founded. In order to promptly meet the needs of moving houses in package of businesses in service of changing locations, expanding business development

We have many years of experience, are close partners of more than 200 businesses and are constantly improving the quality with the desire to bring the “perfect” service to our customers “Fastest + Good” the cheapest + the cheapest ”.

Package Transfer Process:

Step 1: Receive customer information

  • Currently, all businesses providing package transfer services provide full contact information for customers, including: phone number, email, website, fax, facebook … to help customers with You can quickly contact us whenever your customers want to use the service.
  • At the same time, businesses also advocate building a professional, enthusiastic, cheerful customer service team, ready to receive information from customers, as well as be able to quickly answer. difficult problems, questions from customers.

Step 2: Survey and quote

  • Immediately after receiving information from customers, businesses will conduct analysis as well as field surveys based on information such as weight, weight, material, characteristics of goods, products and conditions. terrain as well as the distance to transport the product …
  • Businesses will calculate the implementation of the transfer process in detail, smart and economical, and plan the preparation of facilities and equipment as well as ensure safety for employees. like guaranteeing the quality of our client’s appliances.
  • And finally, the staff will contact, respond and quote to customers about the cost of using the package transfer service.

Step 3: Sign a contract

  • Businesses and customers sign a package transfer contract after the two parties have agreed on all terms and fees stated in the service contract.

Step 4: Deploy the contract

  • After signing the contract, the enterprise mobilizes appropriate workers and support facilities, machines and equipment to workplaces to start packing, loading and moving houses to customers. goods according to the criteria and commitments specified in the contract between the two parties.

Step 5: Acceptance and payment

  • When the relocation process is completed, the two parties conduct the acceptance of the results and check the quality of furniture and items according to the terms of the contract. Finally, customers proceed to pay the charges agreed in the contract with the shipping company.


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