What are the reasons why Vietnamese workers choose to work in Japan?

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Today, working abroad is very common. Many young people, especially in rural areas, after finishing their studies, do not have good conditions to apply for jobs, low-income and unstable jobs will tend to export labor.

Among the countries with the most Vietnamese workers, Japan is the first choice because Japan is not too strict in the labor selection standards. Moreover, labor cost is also higher than other countries in the region.

Let’s find out why Vietnamese workers choose Japan as a place to start their business:

The reason that Vietnamese workers choose Japan for labor export

For workers, the question before labor export is the level of income, employment and employment opportunities after returning home.

For those reasons, workers choose Japan as a permanent employer.

The job is stable and has a high income

In the labor importing countries of Asia we are. Only job markets in Korea and Japan are superior in terms of job stability, part-time jobs, and income. But now, the Korean labor export market seems to be closed to Vietnamese workers on the grounds that Vietnamese workers fled too much.

Therefore, compared to other labor importing countries such as Taiwan, Malaysia … Well, only the Japanese market is most interested in labor. With an average salary of about 25 million to 27 million / month (Not including overtime). The job market in Japan is really a potential market for Vietnamese laborers to export labor.

Improved skills

Japan, is a country with the most developed industry in the world. Therefore, when going to labor Japan, you have the opportunity to contact the high-tech industry. Therefore, your skills are increasingly being raised. Because, the contact with advanced modern machines, being exposed to civilization gives you new thinking, developing creative ability. Help you become skilled workers.

Easy to get a job after the contract expires

Due to the integrated economic situation, there are many enterprises of large corporations from countries like Japan and South Korea. These corporations are always short of labor resources. Especially, the workers who go home to export. Because the people who return to work abroad, they basically have the skills to work, know the working style of the Japanese.

This is your own advantage and of course those factories recognize and they need workers like you. Because you can work always, without having to take the training process anymore. Therefore, when you return to Japan after labor contracts expire, you do not worry about anything because you can be confident to apply to work in an environment like Japan right in Vietnam.

Although, the Japanese job market is relatively fastidious compared to other countries. But not so, the Japanese market reduced its attractiveness to workers. Every year, the percentage of Vietnamese laborers seeking labor export markets of Japan is increasing. In 2015 alone, Vietnam had nearly 2,700 employees to work in Japan. By October 2019, this number had reached 401,326 Vietnamese workers working in Japan, second only to China who had workers in Japan.

Thereby, you can also see that: Japanese job market is no longer strange to Vietnamese labor. The Japanese labor export market has become a destination for many Vietnamese workers in recent years and the years to come. Because, the regimes for workers that few countries import foreign workers have.

The main reason for this increase is that recently, the Japanese Government has relaxed the visa policy to attract more foreign workers to address labor shortage in the context of people. the number of Sunrise countries is aging rapidly. Many workers from developing countries have come to Japan to work under the technical intern trainee program. 

Above are the reasons Vietnamese workers choose Japan as a labor export place.

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